Cocktail Add-Ons

Cocktail Add-Ons

For those who can't get enough of trying and making cocktails (;


For more than 5 add-ons, please contact us directly for bulk price!


**Please note that this option does not include shaker kit** 


For more information on our cocktails, please click here


    DIY Cocktail Kit includes :

    • Instruction Sheets
    • Food Pairings
    • 1 x Biogradable Straw
    • Ingredients for Cocktail

    Depending on the cocktail you have selected, the ingredients and alcohol selections would vary.  Food Pairings are specially selected to further enhance the tasting notes of the cocktails. Best before dates for the kits will be indicated on the instruction sheets.

    **Please indicate at the check out page if you have any food allergies! We will select a separate food pairing to cater to your needs**

    Please note that the shaker set will not be included in this offer. 

    (Shaker Set includes Shaker, Jigger, Stirrer/Pick and Crushed Ice Bag)

    **Please note that Mojito Cocktail kits are to be consumed within 2 days

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