Christmas Collection Rudolph Milo Eggnog 330ml

Christmas Collection Rudolph Milo Eggnog 330ml

The Classical Christmas Concoction perfect for everyone in the family (18+), now made with a chocolatey twist! Paired perfectly with all kinds of Christmas desserts pastries, you'll be in for a treat!


Milo Eggnog ~ 9% ABV

330ml - Serves 3 to 4 servings


Made with 100% pasteurized eggs for a safe of mind. With premium selected liquor for a luxuriously rich, creamy, sweet, chocolatey and delicious concoction.


*As only fresh ingredients are used, bottles are made to order and has an best before date of 5 days from date of production. 

ALL eggnogs purchased has to be refrigerated as soon as possible once recieved.*

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